The United Hands™ Project

At the beginning of 2022, United Hands™ Counseling & Consulting formed a non-profit mental health agency, called The United Hands™ Project. 

The United Hands™ Project (The Project) was established to close the gaps in services for adolescence, teens, and young adults. Currently, The Project is focused on increasing awareness of mental health and the effects on the body.

As The Project continues to grow, our desire is to continue to raise awareness while providing continued mental health education programs year-round.

Who We Are

We are a network of professionals from various backgrounds collaborating with other service organizations to provide quality services to adolescents, teens, and young adults. We provide ways for people to utilize S.T.E.M platforms to grow and build on the basic S.T.E.M concepts to better cope with various mental conditions they may face. We coin this approach of joining S.T.E.M. and mental health as STEMental.™

Our goal is to challenge participants to understand the connection between mental health and science. We set out to focus on the science behind how the brain functions, how the brain responds to different life events, and the various coping skills the brain needs to keep one in a positive space, such as foods, light, colors, meditation, and people.

By applying complementary approaches and techniques, we will assist adolescence, teens, and young adults in developing new behavior patterns and combat negative perceptions that may be holding them back from being the best version of themselves.

Our Values


The United Hands™ Project is committed to providing our participants with the best trained and most experienced staff.

Cultural Competence

The United Hands™ Project maintain an environment that demonstrates respect for all the diverse cultural heritages of our staff, our participants, and our community.


The United Hands™ Project team members remain committed to practicing our profession ethically, honestly, and compassionately.


The United Hands™ Project practices the process of continuous self improvement. Our team seeks new ways to improve our service delivery and strives to be innovative in our thinking.

Our Founders



United Hands™ Project Officers

Cornelius Jordan


Shandra Jones

Vice Chair

Rhonda Carter


Danielle Brown


United Hands™ Project Board Members